Let's Connect | Omer Mahmood Vancouver, Langley Surrey financial strategist

We lead incredibly busy lives. When our day comes to an end, most of us would rather spend our remaining precious hours with loved ones, watch the latest episode of The Bachelor, or update our Facebook status, than to navigate insurance companies and their extensive offerings. We would rather take in a hockey game or watch our kids’ recitals than research a plethora of mutual funds and ETFs to determine the best asset allocation for our portfolios.

Maybe we do find some time and use a combination of Google, brother-in-law accountant, hairdresser, a buddy who knows a guy who knows a guy who is a big shot hedge fund manager downtown, and employ a DIY strategy to manage our finances. If that’s working out for you, keep on keepin’ on! If not, consider an alternative.

My name is Omer Mahmood. I am a Financial Strategist who takes a relational approach to financial planning. I am all about relationships: initiating, building, strengthening, and sustaining meaningful, long-term relationships. For me, it has to be more than asset allocation, risk tolerance, and the length of your term insurance. I want to know YOU - your goals, your dreams, your aspirations, and how I may come alongside you to help realize them. My approach is intentional, involved, educational, and most importantly, relational.

Until you and I get acquainted, take a moment and read through some of my beliefs. If anything on this list inspires you, excites you, challenges you, or resonates with you, then we might be a good fit and I look forward to connecting with you.

• First and foremost, I am an optimist
• I believe everyone should have access to sound financial advice
• I believe in creating a personalized financial strategy
• I believe the biggest investment risk is not losing your money, but outliving it
• I believe the biggest enemy of investment success is fear, not ignorance
• I believe in dollar-cost-averaging (consistently investing through all the ups and downs of the market)
• I believe in ‘buy term and invest the difference’
• I believe a sound financial plan is incomplete without a will
• I believe robo-advisors have a place in the investment world, but they will never replace the knowledge and wisdom of a financial advisor. Don’t believe me? Ask your robo-advisor about succession planning!
• I believe in continuous learning and teaching

Let's Connect | Omer Mahmood Vancouver, Langley Surrey financial strategist

Financial services industry is rapidly changing. With a slew of products entering the market place daily and new regulatory changes taking effect, the need for financial advice has never been greater.